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"Who cares what games we choose?
Little to win, but nothing to lose.

Incense and peppermints, meaningless nouns.
Turn on, tune in, turn your eyes around.
Look at yourself, look at yourself,
Yeah, yeah!"

Lately my bedtime habits have been atrocious. I can hardly ever muster up the motivation to wash my face before I go to sleep. Especially whenever I sleep at B's. I know if he were to reproach me on how I never wash my face, I'd start doing it out of guilt. But he actually gets irritated when I tell him I need to (it cuts into his sleep-time), and my laziness yields no objection to that. I just happily hop into his bed, get oral, and fall asleep. My skin is far from perfect, which means I should definitely be washing it (not to mention that it's always caked in makeup, which makes it so much worse not to clean it). But it's hard to care that much when even Tomo, the skin regiment drill sergeant, tells me that I have pretty decent skin considering how dirty I let it be. (Thanks, Proactiv! You hook me up! We've had over five magical years together. I'm so sorry I cheated on you last year with the Murad Acne Complex system. That thing effed my skin up badly; I learned my lesson and I will never stray again.)

Anyway, I finally bought the skin product that I've been coveting for a while: the Lancome Resurface-C Microdermabrasion Skin Polish and Radiance Renewing System with 20% Aluminum Oxide Crystals, 6% Physio-Polish Enhancer & Pure Vitamin C. (Say that three times fast.) Every time I buy a new skincare thing, I always diligently wash my face and apply it with innocent excitement, hoping that this might be the one that brings forth the creamy complexion hiding beneath all my dull cells, oily pores, and redness. Then nothing drastically changes enough, or the lure of immediate sleep is too tempting, and I start going back to my old, unwashed habits. But for the time being (one week? perhaps two?), starting tonight, you can rest assured that my face will be undergoing the following procedures:

#1) rinse face with warm/hot water
#2) ProActiv Solution Renewing Cleanser
#3) rinse face and pat dry
#4) ProActiv Solution Revitalizing Toner
#5) rinse face (skin needs to be damp for next step)
#6) Lancome Resurface-C Microdermabrasion Cream
#7) rinse face and pat dry
#8) Lancome Resurface-C Microdermabrasion Serum
#9) ProActiv Solution Repairing Lotion
#10) Cosmedicine Eye Cream with Light Diffusers
#11) DDF Dramatic Radiance TRF Cream ( moisturizer EVER...I'm going to cry when my sample runs out. A 1.7oz bottle is $95!!)
#12) Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Skin Revival Night Treatment

Do you SEE all the shit I have to do?! Now can you blame me for thinking, "Uhhh...neeeeeh" most nights? But like I said, I do want to give the Lancome stuff a fair shot, so let's see how this new routine works out for the next few weeks. I had my first session of all that earlier, and I have to admit that my skin feels pretty amazing right now. Appearance-wise is another story.

This is a pretty shallow post that normally would go on Myspace, but I don't want Bernard reading about this and knowing what I've been splurging on. Hehehe. Spoken like a future lady of the house who holds the purse strings! I KNOW that B does not ever look at this site any more because every time I'm on his computer and I press the letter L, all these [porn]sites he's been to show up on the "let me predict where you're trying to go" bar, and Livejournal hasn't been one of them since the beginning of last year. Before, especially after we'd get in a fight, I'd see my LJ as one of his go-to sites, but now I guess the smug bastard knows he's too wonderful of a boyfriend for me to talk crap about him. Actually, the only time it gets on my nerves is when I DO write crap about him and I check to see if he's read it and he doesn't. Ugh! Whatever, I'm cheating on him with his coworker. And know what else? Last night, I SOOOOO faked it.
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