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"A promise ring is given to a romantic partner to signify a promise to be committed in a monogamous relationship, usually a precursor to marriage. The gift of the ring indicates that serious courting is under-way. It can be given as a symbol that a couple does not feel that it is an appropriate time to consider engagement or marriage but are serious about each other and their relationship.

A promise ring can be worn on any finger on the left or right hand, although ring fingers are far preferred. Most often it is the left ring finger, but due to engagement confusion, the right ring finger is finding acceptance in today's world."

My friend, who is trying desperately to win back his ex-girlfriend, asked me for ideas for the upcoming Valentine's Day. I suggested he pack a picnic, choose a gorgeous spot in Palos Verdes, and jokingly added that he should conclude it with a diamond promise ring...

Sellout: hummm... how much are they?
Sellout: i'm serious
Me: I was kidding! besides, there's not really such a thing as a diamond promise basically pick out a ring, preferably WiTH a diamond, and then call it a promise ring
Me: and you can get a diamond ring anywhere between $50 to $50K haha
Sellout: oh man
Sellout: whats the more reasonable amount?
Me: if you're serious about should make sure they have a return policy in case she refuses to take it
Sellout: for a decent ring but that i can offord
Sellout: ok...i need to really ur help
Me: tell me your price range and I will help you find the nicest one
Sellout: lets start around $200 to under $900
Me: think about it, might freak her the fuck out...or it might make her completely fall for you again...but again, it might freak her out
Sellout: yes
Sellout: i'm going for it

Man, I should've kept my mouth shut. But at the same time, I was thrilled to get a legitimate excuse to look at diamond rings. Until I slowly realized that this shit is complicated. Here are just a few of the things I had to consider:

- Return Policy. I'm not trying to have the fucker heartbroken and stuck with a ring in case she refuses to take it. That rules out the Asian jewelers, where you can hands-down get the best value for the money, but where returns are not permitted under any circumstances.
- Price. I know he gave me up to $900 to work with, but I'm going to do my best to stick around the lower amount out of principle. She's not even his gf anymore! I bet she's not going to do jack for him on V-Day. (I do feel that she's a great person, and that she probably still loves him.)
- History. Alright, just because I personally believe that conflict-free diamonds are the way to go, does that mean I should impose that on my friend as well? Should I pass on a great deal just because the diamonds might have African bloodstains on them?
- Online vs. In-Store. I'm used to online shopping. I love it. But that probably is a really bad idea when it comes to diamonds. The written values of clarity, cut, etc. are squat compared to holding it in your hands and seeing if it sparkles in low light. (I remember that from going to Robbin's Brothers with Chris.) Which brings me to my next concern...
- Hanging Out. Not with the diamonds, but with my friend. Not sure if that's such a good idea. He's a cool guy, and it's safe to talk to him online, but I even avoid his phone calls. I'm not going to get into this too much; let's just say the last thing I want is to be alone with him.

Anyway, I figured I needed help, especially since I hardly know anything about diamonds. So I went to Trang, the local expert on these rocks, and she made it even worse! Now here's some more shit I need to think about:

- Quality. Does it even really matter? It's not a fucking engagement ring. You can't expect stunning stones within that price range. As long the ring is pretty, and the baubles don't appear too cloudy or moldy or whatever the hell it is that indicates low quality, it should be ok, right?
- Tiffany's. Every girl loves Tiffany's. Why not just get her something from here? I guess it is an option, but I think my friend's pretty excited about the diamond aspect of the ring, and the only diamond Tiffany rings in his range are excruciatingly butt ugly.

If anyone can offer any help, HOLLA! I'll be updating with links to rings as I find them. So far I like this one, but Trang immediately shot it down by saying that the diamonds are beyond shitty. Even then, I wouldn't care, because I think it is really pretty, but then over the internet you never know if when you get it, the diamonds will be beyond dull. Plus it's getting pretty up there on the price range. Ugh, see what I mean?! This stuff is too complex!

PS: Ok I just found two Tiffany rings (one, two) that're higher than my personal price range, but still in his. I'm torn on these. Number one is lovely; number two is so appropriate for the occasion, is one hundred bucks cheaper, and has not just one but two diamonds. Still, both rings are too fucking expensive when you consider the size of the gems!

At the very least, I want input from Dre, Jade, and Cam. I'd say Giz too, but the bitch never reads my entries. Anyway, you all know you love Tiffany's and diamonds. Help me out here!
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