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"I'll crawl to your name,
I'll bend to the earth,
Nobody else could ever compare,
Anomaly, anomaly"

I love this song. The part where Brandon goes "Do do do do do do" makes me wither. It's so good! I don't know why I like it so much; the music itself is more edgy than romantic, but it sounds so good and the lyrics are pretty damn passionate.

It's been a long time since I've been up this late, and I'm still quite incensed, so I might as well blog about it.

I'm getting rather sick. I hope this doesn't fuck with me going on the Yosemitimothy trip. My throat is turning raw and my voice sounds incredibly scratchy. And I really hope I didn't infect my little cousin earlier when I was tutoring her.

I'm very mad at Bernard right now. He was being a mean, inconsiderate ass who tried to bribe me with frozen food. No, fucker, I don't want your chicken pot pie; I wanted to watch a movie with you, but instead you're going to fucking clean your room for an hour, study Italian for another hour, and then tell me that you would've had no time to watch a movie when you're going to bed at 12:30am anyway?! Asshole. (On a side note, chicken pot pie would've totally won me over if a: I didn't have Pizza Hut pepperoni pan pizza waiting at home for me and b: he had approached it in a much better way, like "I'm sorry, it's obviously too late to watch a movie, so how can I make it up to you? Do you want a chicken pot pie and some oral?" instead of "It's way too late! What the hell?! You have to write your essay anyway!")

Yeah, I do have to write my essay, but earlier when he whined about how he really wanted to watch a movie with me, I resigned myself to sacrificing two hours of my time to watch the fucking movie with him. And how does he repay the favor? By dropping it from his schedule because he got back from jiu-jitsu too late and would rather fold his fucking clothes! I'm so sick of how he NEVER makes time sacrifices for me, how everything has to revolve around his fucking agenda. And yes, I realize that I'm using the F word a lot. It happens when I'm pissed, ok?

I am writing that essay, by the way, but I took a break to type this up. And now I'm going to find some porn and play with myself while the asshole is sleeping in my sister's bed (not with her in it, you perv...and don't tell her, because she'd be upset if she knew, lol). He's here (at my place) because I have to take him to the motorcycle shop in the morning to pick up his bike, and he's there (in Ti's bed) because my essay writing would've prevented him from sleeping. I will fucking hate him even more in the morning when he wakes me up. My blood is already boiling from the anticipation.

I'm thankful I give myself such awesome orgasms or else I'd be ranting about my lack of a sex life too.
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