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Email to Dad

Growing up, you were my hero. Despite all the problems you and mom had, I always defended you and got along better with you than mom. I still don't get along with her that well. I remember crying and begging her not to divorce you when I was young, when you had just stolen all her money and wasted it at the casino. Even after everything you put her through, I only cared that if you two divorced, I would never see you again. While mom was always gone trying to save up money, we would stay home with you, laughing and having the best time. You taught us to enjoy life. You always told us that money doesn't bring happiness, that health and family were more important.

Now you are the one tearing this family apart over money. Now you see an easy opportunity to grab a large sum of money, and you're taking it no matter what the cost. What is your motive? Is it revenge or greed? Maybe a mixture of both?

If it's revenge, then we have a chance. Because maybe you will come to the realization that what you are doing is so low and despicable that you would have no one left if it weren't for the fact that your two daughters really love you.

If it's greed, then there's no point in trying to reach out to you. If money is all you can think, eat, shit, and breathe right now, then there's nothing we can do.

Either way, ask yourself if it's worth losing the respect of your two daughters over it. Money doesn't buy happiness or respect. YOU taught me that.

Your actions are pushing everyone away from you, even though you say you don't want to be alone. Do you think we're all out to get you? That the whole world is against you? Don't you think we would all be supporting you if you were doing the right thing?! You need to open your eyes and understand that everyone was on your side at first. EVERYONE. Mom's whole family was on your side. They gave her so much shit for seeing that other guy, especially Grandma. Once, Grandma came to me crying, telling me that she tried her best to talk Mom out of divorcing, and apologizing that she couldn't do anything. That was before you sent out that letter, ironically disrespecting your biggest supporter. And you wonder why you don't have any allies left from Mom's side after talking shit about Grandma like that?! Smart move, Dad. And then when we, your two daughters, found out that you two were divorcing and that Mom was going to give you money, we agreed that it would be best to convince you to go in on a house with us. Why? Because we were on your side and wanted to live with you, and because we wanted you to wisely invest your money. But you weren't satisfied with that. You want to hurt mom. And in order to hurt mom, you're hurting your two children too. But now you seem to be okay with hurting us, as long as you get as much money as you can. After seeing how far you're willing to take this, how can we support what you're doing? We're not little kids anymore, Ba. We love you, but we know right from wrong, and what you're doing is NOT RIGHT.

I am writing to you because I'm hoping it's not too late. I'm still hoping that somewhere inside you is the devoted father who raised us. I'm writing to you because I see Titi so devastated from how her beloved father is acting. She was the one who kept defending you, who kept insisting that you're just doing all this out of anger, that you will calm down and everything will be ok. But after the other day, after Mom made her ridiculously generous offer and you coldly, methodically, demanded more, more, MORE, now Titi's starting to wonder about your character. And it's tearing her apart inside. She's only seventeen, Dad. You were my hero as a little girl, but then I grew up and moved out. You were her hero up until Wednesday.

I'm writing to you because I'm hoping you will end up making the right decision. The one that will bring back the respect not just of us, but of everyone. You could make us the happiest girls in the world if you do the right thing and stop trying to milk Mom dry. You once told us that all you cared about was making sure that we were okay. Well, we're not. You are the only one who can make it better, yet you refuse. What we need most is peace, and you're the one making war within the family. Fuck pride. Pride will get you a fistful of cash and a whole lot of emptiness.

Please don't let bitterness or greed get in the way of how you look to your children. If you think taking all that money and getting vengeance on Mom will make you happier than having the adoration and company of your own daughters, then I wish you the best, because I fear the rest of your life will be filled with sadness and regret. And Titi and I will be heartbroken, because our former impression of you will be shattered. You will be no longer the dad who loved his kids no matter what, you will be the man who ruined the family over his own selfish desires.

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