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Blickity Blah

"I paint the two of us on a canvas in chains
I hung it on the wall so the story sustains and I
Layer the colors with care in veils with the sky
Broader than an ocean and higher than high

I will remember
I will remember
I will remember
These embers of love..."

I'm deleting a bunch of old blog entries over on Myspace, and I'm going to transfer the ones I want to keep over here so that they don't just disappear into the black hole of web deletion. Just giving everyone a heads up, because I have no idea if LJ is going to post them as recent entries on your "Friends" page even if I date them from like a year ago when they were really written.

Of course, going over them has made me a bit sad, since a lot of them had to do with Christopher. Plus I've had to double check over on LJ to make sure I have the entry before I delete it (for a while, I had been double-posting both LJ and Myspace), so that makes me look over even more stuff. Like the longest entry of my life, the one where I wrote about both Chris and Bernard, then hastily made it private when I found out Chris was back early from his camping trip because I was terrified that he would read it. I made it public a while ago so that Bernard could read it, and left it public because it's old news and nobody's gonna read back to June of last year anyway. Seeing that entry made me so sad. Fucking PMS!

Geez, after hearing Imogen's haunting voice played against Mich Gerber's haunting melodies, now it's "Duk Koo Kim" from Sun Kil Moon playing, possibly the most haunting song ever written and recorded. I swear, my random music media player can read my moods sometimes, like the one time I was in an upbeat mood and it played all jammin' classic rock tunes, one after another.

This has been the longest three weeks of my life. Bernard better plan his trips overseas more carefully, because I can't hang with missing him while PMSing. I'm supposed to get my period any day now, and it'll be just my luck to get it tomorrow when he comes back. Not that gooey menstruation ever deterred him, but I doubt I'll be in the mood anymore, and I've been horny as fuck for about a month now. Bloody hell! (No pun intended.)
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